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00149510-r (78)
benar, sesungguhnya, benar-benar, betul-betul, sebenarnya, sungguh mati
really, actually
     in actual fact
betul-betul, langsung, sama sekali
     lacking compromising or mitigating elements; exact
00158309-r (152)
benar-benar, sekadar, saja, betul, betul-betul, tepat
just, exactly, precisely
     sekadar (sekedar)
00228815-r (1)
benar-benar, betul-betul
     in a round manner
00032299-r (6)
betul-betul, terus
mighty, right, mightily, powerful
     very; to a great degree
mesra, benar-benar, hangat, betul-betul, bersemangat
ardent, warm
     characterized by strong enthusiasm
00669942-a (24)
terlalu, betul, betul-betul
damned, darned, goddam, goddamned, damn, blessed, infernal, blasted, blame, blamed, deuced, goddamn
     expletives used informally as intensifiers
00008997-r (34)
sampai ke sumsum, betul-betul
absolutely, perfectly, utterly, dead
     completely and without qualification
00223000-r (3)
bahwasanya, betul-betul
rightfully, truly
     by right
00178586-r (1)
scrupulously, religiously, conscientiously
     with extreme conscientiousness
00179112-r (19)
semata-mata, hanya, betul-betul
purely, strictly
     restricted to something
00051848-r (40)
tegak, lantas, betul-betul, terus, tepat, langsung, lurus
directly, straight, direct
     without deviation
02119716-a (4)
sejati, betul-betul, tulen, jati
     not to be taken lightly
00522885-a (9)
lengkap, genap, penuh, benar-benar, keseluruhan, betul-betul, langsung, jumlah, sama sekali
full, total
     complete in extent or degree and in every particular
00194578-r (6)
betul-betul, terus, tepat, kaku
rigidly, stiffly, bolt
     in a rigid manner
00711059-a (1)
ketat, betul-betul
rigorous, tight, stringent
     demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
01511854-a (7)
terik, hebat, betul-betul, sengit
fierce, vehement, violent, tearing, trigger-happy
     marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid
00097522-r (3)
benar-benar, betul-betul, cukup, sungguh
00037226-r (82)
benar, benar-benar, bahwasanya, betul, betul-betul, sungguh mati, sungguh
really, truly, genuinely
     in accordance with truth or fact or reality
00173353-r (21)
deeply, profoundly
     to a great depth psychologically
01838151-a (1)
betul-betul, tepat
     unerringly accurate
00580039-a (1)
betul-betul, terang-terangan
glaring, rank, crying, egregious, flagrant, gross
     conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
00378365-r (5)
benar-benar, bahwasanya, betul-betul
sincerely, truly, unfeignedly
     with sincerity; without pretense
00523364-a (2)
sepuas-puasnya, betul-betul
00461617-r (2)
benar-benar, betul-betul
     to a great degree
01726235-a (10)
marak, benar-benar, meluap, betul-betul, bersemangat, berapi-api
impassioned, fervent, fiery, ardent, fervid, torrid, perfervid
     characterized by intense emotion
00009373-r (3)
bersih, betul-betul, tepat, langsung, sama sekali
plumb, clean, plum
00073033-r (236)
dekat, benar-benar, hampir-hampir, nyaris, rapat, betul-betul, hampir
almost, nearly, virtually, about, most, near, well-nigh, nigh
     (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but
00058128-r (12)
lantas, mendatar, betul-betul, terus, langsung
straight, directly, flat
     in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly
00328378-r (1)
sangat, amat, betul-betul
     in an eminent manner
betul-betul, tepat
     directly or exactly; straight
00038013-r (7)
benar, benar-benar, bahwasanya, betul-betul, sungguh mati
in truth, really, truly
     in fact
01907103-a (3)
benar-benar, semata-mata, betul-betul, belaka
sheer, plain, unmixed, unmingled
     not mixed with extraneous elements
00182199-r (5)
01837744-a (16)
jitu, betul-betul, tepat, persis
     sharply exact or accurate or delimited
00008007-r (137)
sehabis, benar-benar, keseluruhan, betul-betul, sama sekali
entirely, completely, all, wholly, altogether, totally, whole
     to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent
00515380-a (105)
lengkap, semua, genap, seluruh, penuh, sempurna, benar-benar, segenap, keseluruhan, betul-betul, langsung, jumlah, sama sekali
entire, full, total
     constituting the full quantity or extent; complete


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