Results for « belukar » (ind)
08439476-n (2)
belukar, semak
underbrush, undergrowth, underwood
     the brush (small trees and bushes and ferns etc.) growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest
belukar, hutan, tanah gersang
wilderness, wild
     a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
08438928-n (6)
     a small growth of trees without underbrush
belukar, semak
groundcover, ground cover
     small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor
03463832-n (4)
belukar, kebun, dusun, berkebun
grove, orchard, woodlet, plantation
     garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth
08437515-n (22)
belukar, semak
brush, thicket, brushwood, coppice, copse
     a dense growth of bushes
08438223-n (2)
belukar, semak belukar, semak-semak, semak
bush, scrub, chaparral
     dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes


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