Results for « arca » (ind)
07037465-n (11)
susunan, gubahan, arca, karya, lagu, opus, ciptaan, komposisi, reka-rekaan, karangan
piece, opus, composition, musical composition, piece of music
     a musical work that has been created
04306847-n (5)
arca, patung, pematung
     a sculpture representing a human or animal
06269396-n (2)
kepingan, sekeping, arca, karya, lagu
     komposisi artistik atau sastra
03838535-n (2)
arca, karya, lagu
piece, objet d'art, art object
     a work of art of some artistic value
04157320-n (9)
ukiran, seni ukir, arca
     a three-dimensional work of plastic art


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