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10342 ロイロット 夫人 亡くなっ 時点 収入 千百 ポンド だっ 農作物 価格 下落 計算 入れ 七百五十 ポンド ほど なる

The total income , which at the time of the wife 's death was little short of 1100 pounds , is now , through the fall in agricultural prices , not more than 750 pounds . (eng)

10677 部屋 住人 脅かし から から 入っ られ なかっ いう こと 明らか なっ 時点 立場 考え なおし こと だけ 自分 良かっ 思っ いる

I can only claim the merit that I instantly reconsidered my position when , however , it became clear to me that whatever danger threatened an occupant of the room could not come either from the window or the door . (eng)

11223 その 瞬間 よぎっ です

For an instant it had crossed my mind that perhaps what she really feared was that HE might come to harm , for I could not doubt that she knew who this man was , and what he meant by these strange signals . (eng)

11289 そして 予想 でも 最悪 結果 至っ いる こと わかっ 瞬間 茫然 自失 てい あっ

He had been uneasy during all our journey from town , and I had observed that he had turned over the morning papers with anxious attention , but now this sudden realization of his worst fears left him in a blank melancholy . (eng)

11669 その 瞬間 あいつ 旦那 リヴォルヴァ 持っ 飛び出し まし

At that moment in rushed the husband with his revolver in his hand . (eng)

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