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10136 これら 寝室 うち 最初 ロイロット 博士 番目 番目 部屋 です

Of these bedrooms the first is Dr. Roylott 's , the second my sister 's , and the third my own . (eng)

10421 ホームズ 三つ 部屋 調べよ 我々 ストーナー 寝室 として 使っ いる そして 彼女 運命 迎え 二つ 部屋 向かっ

Holmes refused to examine the third chamber , so we passed at once to the second , that in which Miss Stoner was now sleeping , and in which her sister had met with her fate . (eng)

11501 さて 単語 として これ まで 仮定 から 番目 番目 ある 文字 言葉 わかり ます

Now , in the single word I have already got the two E 's coming second and fourth in a word of five letters . (eng)

11520 さらに 二つ 言葉 明らか はいる

" Now the first letter CAN only be A , which is a most useful discovery , since it occurs no fewer than three times in this short sentence , and the H is also apparent in the second word . (eng)

11526 かなり 文字 わかっ 相当 確信 持っ 文章 進も

I had so many letters now that I could proceed with considerable confidence to the second message , which worked out in this fashion : A . ELRI.ES . (eng)

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