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10001 我が シャーロック ホームズ 手法 ここ 記録 いる 手帳 記さ 七十 あまり 事件 ノート ざっと 眺め みる 多く 悲劇 あり いくつ 喜劇 あり 多数 単に 奇妙 だけ どれ 尋常 ない 事件 ある

On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes , I find many tragic , some comic , a large number merely strange , but none commonplace ; for , working as he did rather for the love of his art than for the acquirement of wealth , he refused to associate himself with any investigation which did not tend towards the unusual , and even the fantastic . (eng)

10102 クルー 近く 鉄道 事故 亡くなっ です

Shortly after our return to England my mother died -- she was killed eight years ago in a railway accident near Crewe . (eng)

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