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10001 我が シャーロック ホームズ 手法 ここ 記録 いる 手帳 記さ 七十 あまり 事件 ノート ざっと 眺め みる 多く 悲劇 あり いくつ 喜劇 あり 多数 単に 奇妙 だけ どれ 尋常 ない 事件 ある

On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes , I find many tragic , some comic , a large number merely strange , but none commonplace ; for , working as he did rather for the love of his art than for the acquirement of wealth , he refused to associate himself with any investigation which did not tend towards the unusual , and even the fantastic . (eng)

10023 素早く 準備 整え 居間 同行

I rapidly threw on my clothes and was ready in a few minutes to accompany my friend down to the sitting-room . (eng)

10028 こちら 親しい 友人 相棒 ワトソン 博士

This is my intimate friend and associate , Dr. Watson , before whom you can speak as freely as before myself . (eng)

10073 マダム 友達 あげ くらい こと 喜ん させ いただき ます

I can only say , madam , that I shall be happy to devote the same care to your case as I did to that of your friend . (eng)

10107 その 近所 行き来 友だち づきあい する なく 義父 閉じこもっ ほとんど ませ でし

Instead of making friends and exchanging visits with our neighbours , who had at first been overjoyed to see a Roylott of Stoke Moran back in the old family seat , he shut himself up in his house and seldom came out save to indulge in ferocious quarrels with whoever might cross his path . (eng)

10116 義父 放浪 ジプシー 以外 友達 持た 彼ら 一家 地所 ある 覆わ エーカー 土地 キャンプ する 許可 与え まし

He had no friends at all save the wandering gipsies , and he would give these vagabonds leave to encamp upon the few acres of bramble- covered land which represent the family estate , and would accept in return the hospitality of their tents , wandering away with them sometimes for weeks on end . (eng)

10238 賢明 さり よう でし 我が 言っ

" You have done wisely , " said my friend . (eng)

10308 動揺 続け

" But I have heard that the crocuses promise well , " continued my companion imperturbably . (eng)

10314 微笑ん

My friend smiled . (eng)

10335 こと 我々 調査 にとって 一興 だっ 我ら 友人 ストーナー この 乱暴 つけ られ 軽率 責め られ なけれ いい

This incident gives zest to our investigation , however , and I only trust that our little friend will not suffer from her imprudence in allowing this brute to trace her . (eng)

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