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11307 せよ この 悲劇 手遅れ です 正義 行わ れる ため 持っ いる 知識 活用 たい 思い ます

Meanwhile , since it is too late to prevent this tragedy , I am very anxious that I should use the knowledge which I possess in order to insure that justice be done . (eng)

11539 ニューヨーク 警視庁 人間 一度 なら ロンドン 事件 知識 教え やっ です

I therefore cabled to my friend , Wilson Hargreave , of the New York Police Bureau , who has more than once made use of my knowledge of London crime . (eng)

11639 そして ここ たまたま 持ち合わせ 知識 良く 告発 免れ

Are you aware that Mrs. Hilton Cubitt has herself lain under grave suspicion of the murder of her husband , and that it was only my presence here , and the knowledge which I happened to possess , which has saved her from the accusation ? (eng)

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