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10142 義父 いつも 吸う インド 葉巻 強い 匂い 悩まさ から です

That fatal night Dr. Roylott had gone to his room early , though we knew that he had not retired to rest , for my sister was troubled by the smell of the strong Indian cigars which it was his custom to smoke . (eng)

10552 彼女 言っ ロイロット 博士 葉巻 匂い 言っ 覚え いる だろ

You remember in her statement she said that her sister could smell Dr. Roylott 's cigar . (eng)

11002 ひどく いや 臭い する もの 生成 いる 深々と うつむく その ひょろ長い 怪鳥 見え

Holmes had been seated for some hours in silence with his long , thin back curved over a chemical vessel in which he was brewing a particularly malodorous product . (eng) His head was sunk upon his breast , and he looked from my point of view like a strange , lank bird , with dull gray plumage and a black top-knot . (eng)

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