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10069 ホームズ 向かい 開け 小さな 事件 簿 取り出し のぞき込ん

Holmes turned to his desk and , unlocking it , drew out a small case-book , which he consulted . (eng)

11037 ホームズ 放り出し また 化学 分析 向き直っ

He tossed a sheet of paper upon the table , and turned once more to his chemical analysis . (eng)

11051 あと 置き っぱなし あっ

Having shaken hands with each of us , he was about to sit down , when his eye rested upon the paper with the curious markings , which I had just examined and left upon the table . (eng)

11238 ヒルトン キュー ビット 広い 背中 向こう 消える すぐさま ホームズ 走り 寄り 踊る 人形 自分 並べ 込み入っ 計算 じっと 取り組む あっ

The moment that Hilton Cubitt 's broad back had disappeared through the door my comrade rushed to the table , laid out all the slips of paper containing dancing men in front of him , and threw himself into an intricate and elaborate calculation . (eng)

11365 三方 本棚 あり 書き物 変哲 ない 向かっ 置か そこ から 見渡せ

The study proved to be a small chamber , lined on three sides with books , and with a writing-table facing an ordinary window , which looked out upon the garden . (eng)

11412 書斎 婦人 ハンドバッグ あっ

It was a lady 's hand-bag which stood upon the study table -- a trim little handbag of crocodile-skin and silver . (eng)

11457 ホームズ から 踊る 人形 紙切れ すべて 取り出し 並べ しばらく 書斎 向かっ

" Saddle a horse , my lad , " said he . (eng) " I shall wish you to take a note to Elrige's Farm . " (eng) He took from his pocket the various slips of the dancing men . (eng) With these in front of him , he worked for some time at the study- table . (eng)

11472 ホームズ こう 言っ 椅子 引き寄せ 踊る 人形 ふざけ 記録 紙切れ 最初 から 最後 まで すべて その 広げ

" I think that I can help you to pass an hour in an interesting and profitable manner , " said Holmes , drawing his chair up to the table , and spreading out in front of him the various papers upon which were recorded the antics of the dancing men . (eng)

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