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10008 一八八三 四月 初め ある 目覚める ホームズ すっかり ベッド そば 立っ

It was early in April in the year ' 83 that I woke one morning to find Sherlock Holmes standing , fully dressed , by the side of my bed . (eng)

10023 素早く 準備 整え 居間 同行

I rapidly threw on my clothes and was ready in a few minutes to accompany my friend down to the sitting-room . (eng)

10024 たち 入っ くる なり 窓際 腰掛け 黒い ヴェイル 深く 隠し 婦人 立ち上がっ

A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled , who had been sitting in the window , rose as we entered . (eng)

10201 さま きちんと おら まし

" Was your sister dressed ? " (eng)

10236 再び ベッド 戻る 落ち着か 朝日 昇る すぐ 大急ぎ 二輪 馬車 向かい クラウン イン 見つける レザー ヘッド まで まし

I was too shaken to go to bed again , however , so I dressed , and as soon as it was daylight I slipped down , got a dog-cart at the Crown Inn , which is opposite , and drove to Leatherhead , from whence I have come on this morning with the one object of seeing you and asking your advice . " (eng)

11368 着衣 乱れ おり あわて 起き こと 思わ


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