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10017 居間 待っ いる

She is waiting now in the sitting-room . (eng)

10271 午後 会い できる お待ち おり ます

I shall look forward to seeing you again this afternoon . " (eng)

10376 お待ち おり まし

" I have been waiting so eagerly for you , " she cried , shaking hands with us warmly . (eng)

10619 雨戸 わずか さえ 遮っ 我々 完全 待っ

The shutters cut off the least ray of light , and we waited in absolute darkness . (eng)

10624 十二 一時 そして 告げ られ 我々 起きる 静か 座っ ひたすら 待ち つづけ

Twelve struck , and one and two and three , and still we sat waiting silently for whatever might befall . (eng)

11578 分の あいだ 我々 殺し 待っ

We waited in silence for a minute -- one of those minutes which one can never forget . (eng)

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