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10572 博士 たる 誤る 犯罪 として 最悪 存在 なる もの

When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals . (eng)

10674 ねえ ワトソン まったく 誤っ 結論 達し

" I had , " said he , " come to an entirely erroneous conclusion which shows , my dear Watson , how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data . (eng)

10676 不幸 ジュリア ストーナー マッチ わずか 見え もの 言い表す 使っ バンド という 言葉 ジプシー 存在 まったく 誤っ 方向 向かわ

The presence of the gipsies , and the use of the word ' band ' , which was used by the poor girl , no doubt , to explain the appearance which she had caught a hurried glimpse of by the light of her match , were sufficient to put me upon an entirely wrong scent . (eng)

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