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10125 分かり いただける でしょ いま 申し上げ よう 生活 たち 同じ 同じ 立場 ある 会う こと ほとんど あり ませ でし

You can understand that , living the life which I have described , we were little likely to see anyone of our own age and position . (eng)

10266 では 午後 早い 時間 また お目にかかり ましょ

" And you may expect us early in the afternoon . (eng)

10380 我々 光栄 博士 会い する こと でき まし ホームズ 言っ 簡単 起き 説明

" We have had the pleasure of making the doctor 's acquaintance , " said Holmes , and in a few words he sketched out what had occurred . (eng)

11499 ヒルトン キュー ビット 会っ 二つ 短文 ひとつ 伝言 いただい 後者 ない ので 単語 踏ん

In my second interview with Mr. Hilton Cubitt he was able to give me two other short sentences and one message , which appeared -- since there was no flag -- to be a single word . (eng)

11546 エルシィ 会う 覚悟 しろ

The addition of a P and a D completed a message which showed me that the rascal was proceeding from persuasion to threats , and my knowledge of the crooks of Chicago prepared me to find that he might very rapidly put his words into action . (eng)

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