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10024 たち 入っ くる なり 窓際 腰掛け 黒い ヴェイル 深く 隠し 婦人 立ち上がっ

A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled , who had been sitting in the window , rose as we entered . (eng)

10247 彼女 赤く 染め その あざ 隠し

The lady coloured deeply and covered over her injured wrist . (eng)

10272 彼女 厚い ヴェイル 隠し 部屋 から 静か 行っ

She dropped her thick black veil over her face and glided from the room . (eng)

10509 そして 必要 もの 持っ 以前 使わ 部屋 静か 隠し ください

Then when you hear him retire for the night , you must open the shutters of your window , undo the hasp , put your lamp there as a signal to us , and then withdraw quietly with everything which you are likely to want into the room which you used to occupy . (eng)

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