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10144 十一 去り まし ところ 振り返っ 言い まし

At eleven o'clock she rose to leave me , but she paused at the door and looked back . (eng)

11048 高く 血色 良い ひげ 綺麗 剃っ 紳士 その 澄ん 健康 ほお ベイ カー から はるか 離れ ところ 暮らす 思わ

A heavy step was heard upon the stairs , and an instant later there entered a tall , ruddy , clean-shaven gentleman , whose clear eyes and florid cheeks told of a life led far from the fogs of Baker Street . (eng)

11237 シャーロック ホームズ この 依頼 立ち去る まで その 職業 冷静 保っ ホームズ 熟知 する ホームズ なる 興奮 見て取る よう わかる

Sherlock Holmes preserved his calm professional manner until our visitor had left us , although it was easy for me , who knew him so well , to see that he was profoundly excited . (eng)

11469 それ 終わる もう 仕事 離れ から いずれ また くる まで 安楽 過ごそ 言い ながら 我々 応接間 導い

Finally he led the way into the drawing-room , with the remark that the business was now out of our hands , and that we must while away the time as best we might until we could see what was in store for us . (eng)

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