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11456 では 用意 ひとつ 書き付け その エルリッジ 農場 持っ 行っ くれ ない

" Saddle a horse , my lad , " said he . (eng) " I shall wish you to take a note to Elrige's Farm . " (eng) He took from his pocket the various slips of the dancing men . (eng) With these in front of him , he worked for some time at the study- table . (eng)

11464 書き付け 持っ 行く この 少年 その 電報 届け させ ましょ

The boy who takes this note could no doubt forward your telegram . (eng)

11675 あと もう あの 少年 この 手紙 持っ カケス みたい ここ のこのこ やってき あんた 捕まっ それ だけ です

That 's God 's truth , gentlemen , every word of it , and I heard no more about it until that lad came riding up with a note which made me walk in here , like a jay , and give myself into your hands . " (eng)

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