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11654 あいつ そん とき 婚約 済み 思う です だって 商売 やっ てりゃ 結婚 くれ はず です

She had been engaged to me , and she would have married me , I believe , if I had taken over another profession , but she would have nothing to do with anything on the cross . (eng)

11697 ヒルトン キュー ビット 夫人 について その後 快癒 知らせ 受け取っ ものの 再婚 余生 救貧 事業 亡き 遺産 管理 捧げ いる 聞く のみ ある

Of Mrs. Hilton Cubitt I only know that I have heard she recovered entirely , and that she still remains a widow , devoting her whole life to the care of the poor and to the administration of her husband 's estate . (eng)

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