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10119 チーター ヒヒ 飼っ おり 義父 土地 自由 歩き回っ 村人 たち から 飼い主 同様 恐れ られ おり ます

He has a passion also for Indian animals , which are sent over to him by a correspondent , and he has at this moment a cheetah and a baboon , which wander freely over his grounds and are feared by the villagers almost as much as their master . " (eng)

11312 マーティン 警部 物わかり よく 我が 友人 自由 やら くれ ただ その 結果 見守る だけ 満足 よう だっ

Inspector Martin had the good sense to allow my friend to do things in his own fashion , and contented himself with carefully noting the results . (eng)

11443 どうぞ どうぞ 随意 ホームズ さん

" Just as you wish , Mr. Holmes , so long as we get our man. " (eng)

11660 あの 農場 とまっ 地下 借り 自由 出入り でき 気づか なかっ

I lived in that farm , where I had a room down below , and could get in and out every night , and no one the wiser . (eng)

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