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10020 そこで ともかく 呼ん チャンス あげよ 考え わけ

I thought , at any rate , that I should call you and give you the chance . " (eng)

10193 義父 そば まで 意識 失っ まし 義父 ブランディ 流し込ん 医者 呼び やら まし

When he reached my sister 's side she was unconscious , and though he poured brandy down her throat and sent for medical aid from the village , all efforts were in vain , for she slowly sank and died without having recovered her consciousness . (eng)

10348 準備 できれ カブ 呼ん ウォータルー まで 行こ

And now , Watson , this is too serious for dawdling , especially as the old man is aware that we are interesting ourselves in his affairs ; so if you are ready , we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo . (eng)

10685 もちろん 博士 朝日 部屋 照らす 呼び 返さ なけれ なら ない

Of course he must recall the snake before the morning light revealed it to the victim . (eng)

10686 おそらく 我々 ミルク 使っ 呼ば とき 戻っ くる よう 訓練

He had trained it , probably by the use of the milk which we saw , to return to him when summoned . (eng)

11332 呼ば まし

Who sent for you ? " (eng)

11630 ここ 呼ぶ ため

" I wrote it , to bring you here . " (eng)

11690 こう やっ 呼べ あの 断る まい 確信

I was convinced that it was an invitation which he would not refuse , since he could never imagine that it could come from anyone but the lady . (eng)

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