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11054 前もって お送り すれ あらかじめ 考え なら れる だろ 思っ です

I sent the paper on ahead , so that you might have time to study it before I came . " (eng)

11497 ここ 組み合わせ 考え 意味 見いだそ として きり ない

Speaking roughly , T , A , O , I , N , S , H , R , D , and L are the numerical order in which letters occur , but T , A , O , and I are very nearly abreast of each other , and it would be an endless task to try each combination until a meaning was arrived at . (eng)

11513 末尾 文字 考え この 状況 見合う もの ない

I tried all other four letters ending in E , but could find none to fit the case . (eng)

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