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10520 少なくとも 考え 正しい どう そして 突然 恐怖 ショック 死ん どう

" You can at least tell me whether my own thought is correct , and if she died from some sudden fright . " (eng)

11463 計算 確か なら 警部 これから 極悪 刑務所 送ら なり ませ

" I think , Inspector , " Holmes remarked , " that you would do well to telegraph for an escort , as , if my calculations prove to be correct , you may have a particularly dangerous prisoner to convey to the county jail . (eng)

11504 これら すべて 正しい すれ 残り 三つ 記号 いう こと なる

Accepting it as correct , we are now able to say that the symbols stand respectively for N , V , and R. (eng)

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