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10059 ホームズ さん この 緊張 もう 我慢 なり ませ

Sir , I can stand this strain no longer ; I shall go mad if it continues . (eng)

10269 いえ もう ます

" No , I must go . (eng)

10338 ホームズ 外出 から 帰っ もう 一時 近かっ

It was nearly one o'clock when Sherlock Holmes returned from his excursion . (eng)

10523 では ストーナー さん たち もう 行き ます

And now , Miss Stoner , we must leave you for if Dr. Roylott returned and saw us our journey would be in vain . (eng)

10526 言っ とおり れる なら たち 危険 もうすぐ 取り除い あげ ます

Good-bye , and be brave , for if you will do what I have told you , you may rest assured that we shall soon drive away the dangers that threaten you . " (eng)

11148 一時 二十 リバプール 着く はず まもなく ここ 来る

He was to reach Liverpool Street at one-twenty . (eng) He may be here at any moment . (eng)

11236 近い うち 訪ね この 事件 多少 光明 投げかける こと できる 思い ます

Meanwhile you will leave me these papers , and I think that it is very likely that I shall be able to pay you a visit shortly and to throw some light upon your case . " (eng) But if you could have stopped , I might possibly have been able to return with you in a day or two . (eng)

11439 いずれ お話し ます

" I 'll go into that later . (eng)

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