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11265 Yet there was much around to interest us , for we were passing through as singular a countryside as any in England , where a few scattered cottages represented the population of to-day , while on every hand enormous square-towered churches bristled up from the flat green landscape and told of the glory and prosperity of old East Anglia .
60163 On the other hand , those who did not give any name , including those who answered " I do not know , " accounted for as much as 36_% , which clearly showed that many lower house members had the idea , " It is impossible to predict one year ahead , " in today 's fluxing political situation , with three different prime ministers in one year .
60414 After administration of the colony of Hong_Kong stabilized the police force came to be predominately Chinese , but with a reputation for keeping the peace , a large number of Indians are employed in the security sector even today .
60503 At this time the media coverage was overwhelming , something still fondly recalled even today .
60548 During this time , he achieved a major record of 17 consecutive game wins , that still stands today .
60553 His capture of the Honinbo title at the age of 22 is a record he still holds today .
61147 Another thing is that this election law had an important aspect that one might say was the source that created the distortion as we see today .
61149 The banning of door-to-door canvassing that had been incorporated into that law at the time still continues to exist today .
61253 It should be noted that there has been a steep increase in the number of persons seeking employment with the government 's Kokusai_Kyoryoku_Jigyodan ( Japan_International_Cooperation_Agency ) , which is engaged in promoting technological cooperation and exchanges of people between and " developing countries , " and there are today over 5000 applicants responding to each recruitment campaigns of the youth-focused Seinen_Kaigai_Kyoryokutai ( Japan_Overseas_Cooperation_Volunteers ) .
100233 Ever since then , Chef_Pang 's star has been on the rise going on to work at several well-known restaurants , patisseries and 5-star hotels throughout the city However , it was a training stint under Master_Pastry_Chef_Francisco_Torreblanca at Pasteleria in Spain that made him the star he is today he perfected the art of sugar and chocolate making .

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