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60011 Our country has to convene the Asia-Pacific_Economic_Cooperation ( APEC ) as the host country this autumn .
60169 The most important issue on the agenda regarding U.S. - Russia relations is the expansion of NATO , which has been focused since last autumn , and about which conservatives and liberals argued bitterly at the end of last year in U.S. newspapers .
60311 Her performance reading " Takekurabe " ( Comparing Heights ) last autumn could be said to have exhibited near perfection .
61092 In response to the request , Nobuyuki_Sakazaki , a former vice chairman of the Japan_Association_of_Botanical_Gardens , members of the JABG , and other botanists established a cooperation committee last autumn .
61332 The European_Monetary_System ( EMS ) , the foundation of the currency unification , broke down , and Britain and Italy have remained withdrawn from the Exchange_Rate_Mechanism ( ERM ) since the currency crisis in the fall of 1992 .
61472 This measure is attached to the abolishment of the Food_Control_Law this fall .
61504 The current discussions over decentralization of power started as a direct result of the final report submitted by Special_Advisory_Council on Enforcement_of_Administrative_Reform in the fall of the year before last .
61506 Additionally , last fall , including the six major organizations on local governments such as the Association_of_Prefectural_Governors and other concerned groups , the Local_Government_System_Research_Council , an advisory body to the prime minister , private-sector members of a special task force for the Decentralization_Section under the governmental Administrative_Reform_Promotion_Office compiled reports and summaries one after the other for the subsequent submission to the central government .
61527 They have been managing to maintain the number of class hours by cutting back the spring and fall field trips to just once a year and adding a_sixth period to the traditional five-period a day schedule .
100887 The tree peony , lotus , chrysanthemum and plum blossom represent spring , summer , autumn and winter respectively , and are a tribute to Chinese culture .

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