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61783 As of next school year , the Ministry_of_Education will investigate the actual situation of after-school athletic activities at junior high and high schools and discuss what are the desirable ways for those activities to exist , but it is our hope that club activities will become an opportunity to develop skills in a sport that can be enjoyed throughout one 's lifetime .
61961 The most significant factor in politics this year is that it is an " election year . "
100691 Every year , usually in the month of September , the Chinese in Singapore observe a large-scale tradition of paying respects to the dead .
100699 Dates to note : Hungry Ghost_Festival - 10 Aug - 7 Sep 2010
100796 In conjunction with the Asia_Fashion_Exchange , more than fifty luxury flagship stores and thirty shopping malls along Orchard_Road will be part of the fashion event of the year .
100850 For his unique culinary style , Chef_Felipe was awarded the National_Gastronomy_Prize , and he will be featuring at the World_Gourmet_Summit this year .
101198 Some Indian communities also begin the financial year on Deepavali for auspicious reasons .
101300 There 's bound to be some intense smashes and swerving spin action at the Toa_Payoh_Stadium , during the inaugural Youth_Olympic_Games later this year in August .
101408 On 22 December that year , Singapore finally became an independent republic .
101483 Now in its 14th year , the World_Gourmet_Summit is back with a brand new line-up of exciting and delectable treats .

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