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60000 Prime Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama on the 28th held a press conference with Cabinet reporters for the new year at his official residence and said of the New_Democratic_League members ' move to break away from the Socialist_Party_of_Japan , " It will not affect the administration . Even if there are some who will actually leave the party , I think the move would not extend any further , " indicating that this issue would not result in the formation of a mass breakaway group .
60027 I would like them to continue to do it for about one year .
60048 Japan took the first step during the postwar period 50 years ago in the historical shock of defeat and occupation .
60073 This year , unified local elections are scheduled for April , and Upper_House election for July .
60074 Moreover , dissolution of the Diet and a general election under the new system is anticipated during this year .
60076 We have seen a new year in with the politics remain confused .
60078 I wish my New_Year 's dream will come true in this " year of choice " of the 50th anniversary of the end of the war .
60079 Prime Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama made a new year 's greeting entitled " a vision of a creative and gentle country " in the New_Year 's press conference .
60087 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of the war , we will address the establishment of " a creative and gentle country " to realize the prospects of the next 50 years and aim at a great leap " from reform to creation . "
60096 This year , the Socialist_Party is going to address the realization of the " new democratic and liberal party " concept upon which the existence of the party is staked .

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