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60008 President Dudayev proposed a ceasefire for the New_Year on the night of the 30th , but this was met with silence from the Russian side .
60957 The numbers of French and Thai tourists have jumped considerably and the shopping streets that used to close early are now open late into the night .
100509 You can enjoy the thrill of cable-skiing , cable wakeboarding or even night skiing , all in one place .
101013 And soon , while it thronged to the footsteps of municipal employees in the day , amateur groups were busy putting on plays and concerts at night .
102347 Formerly known as Woh_Hup_Complex , it has 411 shops in total , and you 'll find all sorts of authentic Thai food , CDs , beer , fashion and you can even watch a Thai band or two perform at night live .
102373 Head down to some of the most innovative and exclusive restaurants in places like HortPark and the Singapore_Botanic_Gardens for a quiet retreat of some night time adventure .
102531 In its early days , char kway teow was mostly sold by fishermen and farmers who doubled up as food peddlers at night to supplement their income ; they used to use leftovers from meals to whip up this dish , hence its multiple ingredient mix .
102738 Open till 1am on weekends , Canele is also the perfect place to end off a good night , or to top up energy levels before ducking back into the clubs for another round of partying .
103278 Devotees carrying spiked Kavadis , which require elaborate preparations , leave the temple in the later part of the morning and continue till night .
104042 For 10 nights , Singapore transforms into a pulsating wonderland of fun , entertainment and sporting action .

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