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10314 Dr. Roylott has gone to town , and it is unlikely that he will be back before evening . "
11227 On the evening of the second there came a letter from Hilton Cubitt .
11480 On the very evening upon which I had his answer , Hilton Cubitt sent me the last message from Slaney .
60094 Prime Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama , who returned to Oita_Prefecture , his hometown , for the first time after he took office , completed his four-day schedule to arrive at Haneda_Airport by a Japan_Airline flight in the evening of December 31 .
61929 As of the evening of the 19th , nearly 300,000 people are continuing to live in evacuation centers in Hyogo_Prefecture , and the depleting supplies of water , food and heaters are compounding their fatigue .
61936 The same evening when the victims of the earthquake are suffering from inadequate supplies of water and food , neon lights illuminate the streets and restaurants are doing brisk business downtown in neighboring Osaka .
100396 Chomp Chomp springs to life in the evenings , when food lovers from all over the island flock to the food centre to enjoy local signature dishes such as grilled stingray , barbecued chicken wings , carrot cake , ice kacang , popiah , Hokkien_Mee and more .
100398 To best enjoy Singapore 's tropical balmy weather while savouring our famous local delights , snag a table on the timber deck facing the road but remember to bring lots of tissues , as you 'll be sure to work up a sweat by the end of the evening .
100637 For a breathtaking evening of vibrant dancing , spectacular harmonies and undiscovered music of the Caribbean , revel the night away with the vocal and percussion ensemble , The_Creole_Choir_of_Cuba .
100641 Each evening during the festival , the exquisite Veuve_Clicquot_Sun_Tent will play host to superb wine and cuisine late into the night .

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