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60180 The mountain-dwelling Mon people of this small village commanding a view of the mountains of the Laotian border spend their first day of January 1995 , in drinking celebrations .
60182 In 1995 , however , the date fell on the same day as in the Christian_Year .
60225 Although the committee was only voluntarily organized by citizens that have become fed up with the recent political chaos in the country , it has attracted huge attention , as proven by the fact that whenever there is some media coverage of the organization , they receive nearly a_thousand phone calls every day .
60252 The Dow_Jones_Industrial_Average on the 30th , the end of the trading for 1994 , was at 3,834.44_dollars , up 1.01_dollars from the previous day .
60366 They get one day off per week .
60518 From the tournament 's first day the Yonenaga-Habu match up caused fans to turn out in droves .
60527 The day before the Honnoji_Temple incident where Oda was forced to commit seppuku , Honinbo_Sansa played go in front of Nobunaga_Oda , after which time he also received support from Hideyoshi_Toyotomi and Ieyasu_Tokugawa .
60534 The practice of sealing the next move to be played when a game is held over to the following day and the time limit system were also introduced at the Honinbo tournament .
60539 Kaoru_Iwamoto was the title challenger in the third tournament , but on the third day of the second game , August 6 , 1945 , the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima , five_kilometers away .
60564 My family spent the New_Year day at a hotel .

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