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10052 At present it is out of my power to reward you for your services , but in a month or six weeks I shall be married , with the control of my own income , and then at least you shall not find me ungrateful . "
10282 The total income , which at the time of the wife 's death was little short of 1100 pounds , is now , through the fall in agricultural prices , not more than 750 pounds .
10283 Each daughter can claim an income of 250 pounds , in case of marriage .
60371 It is very common for middle-class and higher double income families to hire maids .
60993 Real income , however , is decreasing sharply .
61056 As my Han interpreter , Ms._Tang_Sunfang explains , " The farmers have more income , so it 's only natural they change to durable brick housing . "
61697 As a result , pay hikes had always been restrained , thus failing to increase disposable income .
61803 This system provides accredited groups with the exemption status for both federal and state taxes , and donations for the approximately 500,000 organizations of particularly high public interest may be deducted from taxable income .
61839 The American people say that they do not feel their income has actually increased .
61841 Therefore , if President_Clinton can make the income growth be felt by the American people and demonstrate diplomatic skills , it is still possible for him to recover his popularity .

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