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100329 Its spaces are also continually used to display work by leading local creative talents .
100675 A recipient of the National_Arts_Council 's annual grant and a regular participant in its Arts Education Programmes , The Dance Ensemble also nurtures young local talent through creative and quality dance training and upgrading programmes .
101830 Part of the Asia_Fashion_Exchange , Blueprint aims to position itself as Asia 's premier fashion trade event , bringing together global decision makers in the industry and Asia 's brightest creative talents creating an unprecedented fashion trade gateway between East and West .
103059 27 April 2010 Star_Creation is an exciting new competition that aims to uncover new local and Asian talents in the world of fashion design .
103067 Winners will be unveiled at the Audi_Fashion_Festival_Gala_Event on 27 April , so join us as we welcome the newest additions to Asia 's rising fashion talents .
104013 Majestic Masterpieces will feature regal jewellery inspired by royalty , elaborate jewellery designs and red carpet stunners , while Artistry and Gems will showcase iconic jewellery creations alongside photographic art by Singapore 's emerging talents and contemporary art from Art_Seasons_Gallery .
104063 The performing arts scene in Singapore is brimming with talents and exciting productions .
104166 One of the sporting highlights for this year is the inaugural Youth_Olympics_Games in mid 2010 , where the brightest young sporting talents from over 170 nations will take centre stage and vie for medals in a host of competitive sports .

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