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60058 The Ministry_of_Finance , which has strong power and has come to be criticized as if they are " the root of all evil , " is required to divide its duties not only by other ministries but also by foreign countries , and almost openly discussed are the abolition of the Ministry_of_Foreign_Affairs and the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry , consolidation of the Ministry_of_Construction with the Ministry_of_Agriculture , and privatization of the Ministry_of_Posts and Telecommunications .
61419 However , these allegations faded before the enthusiastic citizens who are hoping for complete political reform and the new political star rose up and seized ultimate power .
61425 It is a rule in democratic society that mass media keep an arm 's length from the political power and to maintain the appropriate tension between the two .
61452 With the deepening intra-party conflict over the establishment of the third power and the mass defection by a group of neutral and right-wing members , the Social_Democratic_Party , the cornerstone supporting the Murayama administration , is in turmoil .
61466 It is necessary for each party to eliminate the scramble for power and party dissolution or formation without any definite view of its own , cultivate the ability to propose policies , and , as soon as possible , hammer out an original policy system that is logically coherent and , at the same time , different from that for other parties .
61500 Considering the foregoing , on the occasion of the first year of decentralization of power from the central government to local jurisdictions , this year gives us a golden opportunity to consider the existence and direction for local governments .
61503 Decentralization also means it will destroy the triangle of politicians , bureaucrats and big business that support the centralization of power .
61504 The current discussions over decentralization of power started as a direct result of the final report submitted by Special_Advisory_Council on Enforcement_of_Administrative_Reform in the fall of the year before last .
61830 In the US , the " power sharing " where Democrats and Republicans share the leadership in the administration and the Congress has been the tradition of the postwar politics .
61966 While the political realignment set off by the fall of the Miyazawa administration in the year before last is still underway , unfortunately , the basic principles and policies that are supposed to be the pillars of this realignment have been pushed aside and it has ended up in a scramble for political power with parties looking for a " marriage of convenience . "

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