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60697 Around 7:20 p.m. , December 31 , a karaoke house owner found smoke coming out of a post box on the street of Honmachi 1-chome , Kisshoji , Musashino_of_Tokyo , and police officers from a police box of Musashino_Police_Station , located at the east exit of Kisshoji_Station , extinguished the fire with water in a bucket .
100155 Other product and company names mentioned herein may also be the trade marks of their respective owners .
100193 Previously known as Kandang_Kerbau , the centre is used by Chinese vendors , Indian stall owners and Malay retailers , and sells everything from casual clothing , hardware tools and religious paraphernalia , to traditional Indian fashion and watches .
100212 Representing the best of Malay culinary tradition , Rumah_Makan_Minang is run by the children of Hajjah_Rosemah_Binte_Mailu , the owner of Sabar_Menanti_Restaurant .
101814 Expect a slight language barrier as the owners are not fluent in English , but this exchange would make the negotiating all the more challenging and interesting .
101991 The Asia_Fashion_Summit is an event that should not be missed if you are a player in the fashion industry , such as a brand owner , creative director , fashion designer , or buying house .
102180 The owner grinds his own peanuts , makes his own chilli and insists on using only the best Hae_Gor ( prawn paste ) from Penang .
102758 Service here is also particularly friendly , with owner Patrick_Phoa eager to assist and greet you with a smile .
103759 Look carefully at the furniture when you 're there and you 'll find that you 're sitting at an antique table set that was meticulously sourced by the owners .
104302 Lor Mee commands snaking queues every morning , and this comes as no surprise as Mr_Teo , the owner , has been dishing out Lor_Mee since the 70s .

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