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13279 A commissionaire remains all night in a little lodge at the foot of the stairs , and is in the habit of making coffee at his spirit-lamp for any of the officials who may be working overtime .
13431 I have a dim recollection of a group of officials who crowded round me endeavouring to soothe me .
60278 Though the date for the next talks has yet to be set , it is likely to be after the 4th , before Murayama 's visit to the US , as a senior official of the Finance_Ministry says , " We do not have to give up our New_Year 's vacation to go to the US . "
61046 With trepidation I took out my passport the next morning at the checkpoint , only to have the officials of both countries shake their heads and let me pass through .
61171 It was Mr._Naohiro_Amaya who preached the " Chonin_Kokka_Ron " during his tenure as an official at the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry .
61665 The prime minister must have known that the officials in charge had been reviewing the definition of the Japan-US security treaty .

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