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60331 Times Square , located along the main avenue in town , Highway 7 , is a community-oriented shopping center whose tenants are all " Hong Kong merchants " .
60415 Certainly , of the Indians living in Hong_Kong , it is not uncommon to be descended from police or Indian merchants who came to Hong_Kong in the 19th century .
61172 " As our country is a nation of merchants , we bow our heads like ears of rice plants . "
100378 Sitting adjacent to the Geylang district is the Joo_Chiat / Katong enclave , which traditionally has been the preserve of the Peranakans , middle class locals and the wealthy merchant class .
100717 Established by Thomas_Stamford_Raffles as a trading post on 29 January 1819 , the small sea town of Singapore soon attracted migrants and merchants from China , the Indian sub-continent , Indonesia , the Malay_Peninsula and the Middle_East .
101392 British traders needed a strategic venue to refresh and protect the merchant fleet of the growing empire , as well as forestall any advance made by the Dutch in the region .
101395 Soon , the island 's policy of free trade attracted merchants from all over Asia and from as far away as the US and the Middle_East .
101884 With its numerous heritage businesses , such as traditional Chinese medicinal halls , goldsmiths , tea merchants and bakeries , Chinatown is rich in history and legacy .
101892 Some of the few tea merchants still standing today include Kwong_Chen_Beverage_Trading , Pek_Sin_Choon and Wang_San_Yang_Tea_Merchant .
101896 Started in the 1950s , Wang_San_Yang_Tea_Merchant is one of the few remaining merchants dealing in tea leaves and tea dust .

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