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10001 On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes , I find many tragic , some comic , a large number merely strange , but none commonplace ; for , working as he did rather for the love of his art than for the acquirement of wealth , he refused to associate himself with any investigation which did not tend towards the unusual , and even the fantastic .
10019 I rapidly threw on my clothes and was ready in a few minutes to accompany my friend down to the sitting-room .
10023 This is my intimate friend and associate , Dr. Watson , before whom you can speak as freely as before myself .
10085 He had no friends at all save the wandering gipsies , and he would give these vagabonds leave to encamp upon the few acres of bramble- covered land which represent the family estate , and would accept in return the hospitality of their tents , wandering away with them sometimes for weeks on end .
10183 A month ago , however , a dear friend , whom I have known for many years , has done me the honour to ask my hand in marriage .
10190 " You have done wisely , " said my friend .
10257 My friend smiled .
11029 See what you can make of that , friend Watson . "
11282 Inspector Martin had the good sense to allow my friend to do things in his own fashion , and contented himself with carefully noting the results .
60442 " Even when I go to India it does not feel like my country . A lot of my friends are Chinese , and I have nowhere but Hong_Kong to call home . "

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