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60912 Russell_Coutts , who has been collecting match race victories , is the skipper and Ed_Beard is the sailing coach .
61767 While the reason for suicide varies depending on the case including bullying , in the recently revealed case of a girl in the eighth-grade in Habikino_City , Osaka , the reason for suicide was the heavy-handed training by the coach for the school softball team .
61774 Moreover , it is said that the coach told her , " do not bother coming to play in the regular game tomorrow . Turn in your uniform number ! "
61776 There have been other incidents where students committed suicide over the coaches ' merciless instructions given in the club activities
61779 The coach also had a background where he won the first prize in javelin at an inter-college championship and had developed athletes at the national level .
61784 Another concern about the latest suicide case is what the coach said .
61785 The coach used very abusive language , saying " I 'm not letting you play in the game . Turn in your uniform number ! " seemingly denying her existence in the team .
61786 Consequently , she wrote in her note that " with such a coach , I would come to hate softball which is my love . "

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