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61461 Regarding the basic principles , while all the parties without exception have similar themes on display such as " liberty , democracy and peace " for the LDP , " fairness , co-existence , peace and creativity " for the Social_Democratic_Party , and " liberty , fairness , fellowship and harmonious co-existence " for the New_Frontier_Party , these are nothing more than a list of rhetorical slogans that nobody can argue about and the reasoning behind the policy is also absent .
61975 These days , as people are too turned off to pay attention to the " mediocrity " at the Diet that has become hollow where words are said and heard with nobody challenging them , we have to give credit to the New_Frontier_Party for using their ingenuity to come up with a different debate format from that in the past .
61982 While scholars are not at fault in that sense , we strongly feel it is " unfortunate " that a series of earthquakes that brought major havoc have occurred where nobody had expected .
62077 President Clinton dismissed the Russian interference as " whether or not to join NATO should be decided by nobody but the East_European countries . "

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