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45880 Then , as it would seem , he became as one that hath a devil , for , rushing down the stairs into the dining-hall , he sprang upon the great table , flagons and trenchers flying before him , and he cried aloud before all the company that he would that very night render his body and soul to the Powers of Evil if he might but overtake the wench .
46080 ' I find that before the terrible event occurred several people had seen a creature upon the moor which corresponds with this Baskerville demon , and which could not possibly be any animal known to science .
46127 A devil with merely local powers like a parish vestry would be too inconceivable a thing . '
46422 ' Do you mean danger from this family fiend or do you mean danger from human beings ? '
46425 There is no devil in hell , Mr Holmes , and there is no man upon earth who can prevent me from going to the home of my own people , and you may take that to be my final answer . '
47103 ' Of course you know the legend of the fiend dog which haunts the family ? '
47739 Then , as he grew older , he met wicked companions , and the devil entered into him until he broke my mother 's heart and dragged our name in the dirt .
47842 We 'll see it through if all the fiends of the pit were loose upon the moor . '
47916 To do so would be to descend to the level of these poor peasants who are not content with a mere fiend- dog , but must needs describe him with hell-fire shooting from his mouth and eyes .
60796 Conner 's ability as skipper was excellent and he was feared as " a sailor among sailors " and " the devil behind the rudder , " and it was this ability that propelled him to victory in the 24th America_'s_Cup with the yacht Freedom .

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