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46029 ' Yes , there is a strip of grass about six feet broad on either side . '
100648 If you look closely , you will find strips of radish in the carrot cake , giving it a nice texture .
101093 Another large mall on the Orchard_Road shopping strip , this mall has seven levels and more than 100 specialty stores including Cartier , Zara , Calvin_Klein , Hugo_Boss , Dior and Armani .
103346 Though the satay sticks of today are factory-processed strips made from bamboo , it was the humble dried leaf stem of the coconut leaf which was first used to skewer the meat centuries ago .
103609 One rojak variation is adapted from Malay and Chinese cuisines , which is a veritable toss of beansprouts , greens , tau pok ( or deep-fried soybean cake ) , you tiao ( a crispy long strip of fried flour ) pineapple , cucumber , and a generous sprinkle of finely chopped roasted peanuts well-tossed ( which gives it ample texture and a lovely crunchy bite ) with a spicy fermented prawn paste sauce .
110238 A strip of white appeared once more in the Sinhalese eyes .

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