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10291 It was a perfect day , with a bright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens .
11926 By chance , Kandata raised his head and glanced at the sky of the lake of blood , when from the still darkness , far , far away , a silver thread ever thin and shining , as if fearful of others ' eyes , slithered down toward him .
11957 What remained was the spider 's thread from heaven , dimly twinkling , in a sky without stars or a moon , dangling .
46894 Rolling pasture lands curved upwards on either side of us , and old gabled houses peeped out from amid the thick green foliage , but behind the peaceful and sunlit country-side there rose ever , dark against the evening sky , the long , gloomy curve of the moor , broken by the jagged and sinister hills .
100314 Practised in the evening , under the open sky and light of the moon , the moon salutation includes 14 different poses , all of great benefit .
100414 The three towers of the hotel are capped by the Sands_SkyPark® , 200 metres in the sky , offering 360- degree views of Singapore 's skyline .
102509 Named after the astronomical phenomenon , Equinox_Restaurant makes you feel like you 're floating right under the velvet sky covering the entire universe .
102796 You can also experience alfresco dining in the sky , with restaurants on the seventh and eighth floors , making this a perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a long day of shopping .
103379 Join in the festivities at numerous events such as the Chinatown_Mid-Autumn_Festival_Street_Light-up and the Mass_Lantern_Walk , and soak in the vibrant atmosphere under the moonlit sky this season .
103869 This one-hectare sky oasis will feature lush greenery , beautifully sculptured gardens , restaurants and even an infinity pool .

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