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46922 Somewhere there , on that desolate plain , was lurking this fiendish man , hiding in a burrow like a wild beast , his heart full of malignancy against the whole race which had cast him out .
47158 You see , for example , this great plain to the north here , with the queer hills breaking out of it .
47203 I looked round , with a chill of fear in my heart , at the huge swelling plain , mottled with the green patches of rushes .
48583 The cry had been loud on account of its vehemence , but it had pealed out from somewhere far off on the shadowy plain .
49138 Every minute that white woolly plain which covered one half of the moor was drifting closer and closer to the house .
61090 The botanical samples collected by Hashimoto all across the large country are of great academic value , with some species that have gone extinct in the wild due to the submersion of fields by dam construction .
100694 It is not uncommon to see various forms of tentage set up in open fields during this period , for the Chinese also believe in entertaining the spirits with boisterous live wayang and getai performances not only depicting tales of the divine gods and goddesses , but also bawdy stand-up comedy with a local twang , song and dance numbers in the various Chinese dialects and even sensually acrobatic pole dancing by felinely lithe spandex clad dancers .
101586 The front 9-hole course sprawls over heavily wooded hills and valleys with one major water hazard , while the back course is a green-carpeted plain .
101824 Legend has it that a monstrous creature , the Nien , would destroy the fields , crops and animal of farmers each year on the eve of Chinese_New_Year .
102639 In Singapore , Chinese opera is practised freely especially during celebrations like Chinese_New_Year and Hungry_Ghost_Festival , when it 's performed on open fields in heartlands across the city .

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