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10070 Nothing was left save a few acres of ground , and the two-hundred-year-old house , which is itself crushed under a heavy mortgage .
10145 I ran to her and threw my arms round her , but at that moment her knees seemed to give way and she fell to the ground .
10502 There was little difficulty in entering the grounds , for unrepaired breaches gaped in the old park wall .
11190 There was no other sign of the fellow anywhere , though I ran all over the grounds .
61012 Among waves of golden dry-land type rice , old women of the Yao ethnic group wear traditional clothing as they cut the tops off the rice with sickles .
61909 We wonder if there was a negligence among those involved as none of those four quakes struck overpopulated cities and , in addition , all of the epicenters were far away from land .
61946 Greater efforts are called for to make logistic routes secured for transportation of supplies via land , sea and air .
100092 You start tethered to the ground , in your capsule and voila you are unleashed , soaring into the city 's skyline with a thrilling surge of pure adrenaline .
100096 Go on a 50km tour of the city to learn about land reclamation , water conservation , architecture conservation and Singapore history .
100713 You can also satisfy your entertainment needs with a large Golden_Village cinema on the top floor , while the large Carrefour hypermart in the basement and ground levels handle your grocery or homeware needs .

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