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60113 Therefore , it is increasingly regarded that " even if there are some secessionists , participants will be about ten members who can not help but approach the New_Frontier_Party , due to the situation of their electoral districts . "
60218 According to the report from Mogadishu , the explosion of rocket bombs is echoing across the city district around Bermuda , and the streets are occupied by armed soldiers .
60391 The union 's headquarters are in a one bedroom apartment in an old multi-purpose building in the Yaomade district of downtown Kowloon .
61454 A law was passed to draw the boundaries the single-seal Lower_House districts ; the new electoral system based on the combination of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation has been enforced and we can expect the dissolution of the Diet and a general election any day .
100106 For the latest in fashion trends , check out Orchard_Road which is Singapore 's main shopping district .
100107 But if you 're looking for more cultural shopping , then the districts of Kampong_Glam , Little_India and Chinatown are most ideal .
100213 Located in the Malay heritage district of Kampong_Glam , Rumah_Makan_Minang has views of the Sultan_Mosque and the Malay_Heritage_Centre .
100380 They settled in several parts throughout Singapore , but their legacy is best showcased in the colourful shophouses and homes in the Joo_Chiat district which sport sculpted facades of animal reliefs and hand-crafted ceramic tiles .
101072 A cacophony of car horns , bicycle bells and vibrant chatter of its residents , Little_India is one of the most vibrant and culturally authentic districts of Singapore .
101468 The most popular nasi padang stall in Singapore is Hajjah_Maimunah_Nasi_Padang in the Kampong_Glam district , which provides a homely dining experience that 's perfect for big groups wanting to sample a wide range of dishes .

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