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60058 The Ministry_of_Finance , which has strong power and has come to be criticized as if they are " the root of all evil , " is required to divide its duties not only by other ministries but also by foreign countries , and almost openly discussed are the abolition of the Ministry_of_Foreign_Affairs and the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry , consolidation of the Ministry_of_Construction with the Ministry_of_Agriculture , and privatization of the Ministry_of_Posts and Telecommunications .
60321 If one digs around and bares the roots of Ichiyo 's prose , it is rich in substance .
61053 Up until one year ago , markets in Jinghong were filled with Dai ethnic foods such as " narezushi " ( vinegared fish and rice ) , thought to be a source of Japanese culture .
61638 We hope that the investigative authority will eradicate the " root " of such crimes with the speedy roundup of those who are responsible and a full investigation of the circumstances in order to prevent a re-occurrence of these crimes .
62094 Including Japan , the source of assistance from the West to Russia is taxpayers ' money .
101509 You can enjoy the delicious dim sum , roasted meats and double-boiled soups brought by the Cantonese immigrants , the spicy dishes from Szechuan and the flavourful chicken rice with its roots from the Hainan province .
101793 Staying true to its Hakka roots , Plum_Village_Restaurant is one of the few authentic Hakka restaurants still standing in Singapore today .
102368 The Merlion is representative of Singapore 's humble beginnings as a fishing village , and is a national icon that you must visit on your trip here .
102750 Although it has been divided into Hindusthani ( Northern Indian ) and Carnatic ( Southern Indian ) , the origins and fundamental concepts of both types of music remain the same .
103139 Dragons and lions are prominent characters in Chinese mythology ; its roots originating in ancient China when Nien , a mythical beast which tormented villagers was discovered to be afraid of the colour red .

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