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18932 Any attempt at recovering the bodies was absolutely hopeless , and there , deep down in that dreadful cauldron of swirling water and seething foam , will lie for all time the most dangerous criminal and the foremost champion of the law of their generation .
46641 They have looked after the Hall for four generations now .
60047 To do so , a dramatic change of generations will be required in a variety of fields .
60090 The second goal is " creation of intellectual assets which will be handed over to the next generation , " and we will promote more satisfactory basic studies and more creative technological development to create new industrial fields .
60943 Their religion was outlawed and the younger generations have lost their unique culture .
60954 " We 've built a new school and a new temple . Islam is being cultivated in the younger generations . "
102048 This third- generation heritage hawker sells all things golden and lovely .
102071 Regarded as one of the most articulate Indian chefs of his time , Chef_Singh has successfully married the richness and traditions of Indian cooking with Western culinary styles , spicing up Britain 's food culture .
104111 Small wonder that Peranakan recipes involve a time-consuming and lengthy preparation and are handed down from one generation to the next .

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