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60224 It has become sure that the political crisis in Italy , sparked by the resignation of Prime_Minister_Berlusconi , will extend well into next year , while in another political move , a committee has been formed to push into the Prime_Minister post the former Prosecutor_DiPietro , who had resigned to protest " political pressure " regarding the corruption investigation .
60225 Although the committee was only voluntarily organized by citizens that have become fed up with the recent political chaos in the country , it has attracted huge attention , as proven by the fact that whenever there is some media coverage of the organization , they receive nearly a_thousand phone calls every day .
60227 Masia passionately advocates the significance of the committee , remarking , " The people of Italy lack a political leader who is aware of his responsibility and works to fulfill it . Mr._DiPietro is one of the few exceptions who fulfilled the obligation given to him . I believe that he is exactly the person we need . "
61092 In response to the request , Nobuyuki_Sakazaki , a former vice chairman of the Japan_Association_of_Botanical_Gardens , members of the JABG , and other botanists established a cooperation committee last autumn .
61094 To contact the cooperation committee , call +81-6-471-3300 .

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