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10327 The central portion was in little better repair , but the right-hand block was comparatively modern , and the blinds in the windows , with the blue smoke curling up from the chimneys , showed that this was where the family resided .
60935 The Koran can be seen in the back of the small boat that is home to a family of five .
60994 " After deducting taxes and pesticide and fertilizer costs and including the family 's labor , a farmer makes only 1.7_dollars a day . This is as much as a cyclo driver in Ho_Chi_Minh_City makes in one trip , " he says .
100034 Some good family restaurants which feature Hong_Kong-style_Wanton_Mee include Crystal_Jade_Kitchen and Imperial_Treasure_Cantonese_Cuisine .
100619 But he persisted with his dream and opened Don_Alfonso 1890 within his family hotel in the southern Italian town of Sant'Agata sui due Golfi .
100622 In 2005 , the enterprising chef gave his family hotel a stunning makeover , turning it into a first-class hotel with a homely bed and breakfast feel .
100659 And the whole family can spend time together at theme parks .
100868 With numerous flower themed trinkets , you will not have any difficulty selecting the perfect present for family , friends and loved ones .
100926 The ideal gift for friends and family members , it will add life to any desk , be it at home or in the office .
100930 Featuring baby orchid plants , flowering orchid plants , artificial orchid plants and a wide range of souvenirs made from real flowers , TOPS_Orchid is a great place to choose your ideal gift for family and friends .

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