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45879 ' It chanced that some little time later Hugo left his guests to carry food and drink - with other worse things , perchance - to his captive , and so found the cage empty and the bird escaped .
100987 Close to Orchard_MRT station , the mall is also filled with restaurants and bars , making it most accessible for a nice meal or a drink after a day of shopping .
100988 Enjoy a meal at Rakuichi_Japanese restaurant or Shashlik restaurant before moving to Harry_'s_Bar or The_Sportsman pub for drinks .
101033 Singapore offers diverse experiences that you can enjoy and be part of , from nightlife and drinks , to shopping and exhilarating activities .
101097 With bars and a gym , you can also grab a drink or hit the treadmill if shopping for the day has not tired you out .
104002 I only have a vague recollection of the place now , although I remember that the drinks were very expensive .
104003 Now , I 'm curious to see if the drinks and ambience are still as impressive .
110065 Another drink , Captain ?
110082 Another drink ?

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